Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giclée Prints, A Great Gift for the Holiday

Giclée prints are a great gift idea for the holidays. Do you have a family portrait or favorite memory captured in a digital image? You can take your digital images or files and have them printed out on watercolor paper and/or canvas for an amazing look and feel.

VGAE can also take care of the stretching. Have your image Gallery Wrapped and you don't have to worry about framing. Gallery wrapping "wraps" the image or a solid color border around the edges of the print giving the image a clean, professional, and contemporary look with very little cost.

Van Gogh Again Editions, Denver Colorado's best Giclée printer can take your personal photos and print them on high quality paper or canvas. Contact Van Gogh Again today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Denver Photographers Choose Giclée Printing

Photographers have a number of Denver Printers out there to choose from when it comes to printing their digital photography. When it comes to printing high end prints Giclée printing is probably your best option. Van Gogh Again Editions has done high-end printing work for several Denver photographers that has made an impressive impact.

The vibrant colors produced by Van Gogh Again's large format Giclée printing process really allows your photography to shine. Some photographers print their images out on Van Gogh Again's premium canvas to be stretched and gallery wrapped. Gallery wrapping not only saves the cost of framing, but it also gives the print a very contemporary look and feel.

Van Gogh Again can also print on its high quality paper for those who prefer the look and feel of paper.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Printing on Paper or Canvas - Denver Giclée

Denver Giclée printer Van Gogh Again prints on a variety of substrates, but canvas and paper are the the most common for fine art reproduction. Artist prints look great on paper, but really shine when reproduced on canvas.

Canvas is a great way to go for not only appearance, but durability as well. Giclée prints on paper are not as durable as canvas and most printers recommend glass and framing for protection. Canvas on the other hand, does not need glass. In fact, Giclée prints on canvas don't even need framing if they are gallery wrapped as mentioned in our previous post.

Paper still looks great and has its time and place. Depending on the look and feel you're going for, paper may be the best option. Van Gogh Again has reproduced original water colors on paper that have been mistaken for the original.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gallery Wrapped Giclée Prints on Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Limited Edition Katherine McNeill Giclée Print
Creating a high-quality Giclée print requires great skill, experience, the best canvas or paper, expensive inks, high-end computers, a cutting-edge large format scanner, trial and error, and a really nice printer. Then once the printing is complete you have to decide how how you're going to display the print. There are a number of ways to do this, usually resulting in some kind of frame. In the case of canvas, it is almost always stretched and then framed.

Framing of course is a great way to display and hang your Giclée print. There is an unlimited number of framing options and styles to choose from. While framing is a great option, it can be expensive and time consuming. We recommend gallery wrapping as an inexpensive, contemporary, and time-saving alternative to framing canvas prints.

Gallery wrapping is a method of stretching the face of the canvas around the edge of the stretcher bars with the intention of the edges being seen. The canvas is then stapled on the back. The canvas that wraps around the edge of the bars creates the border that a traditional frame would create.

In most cases, the printer will leave or create some kind of solid band of color around the edges of the print that should be wrapped around the edges of the stretcher bars. This way you don't waste any of the image itself on the edges and the solid band of color acts as the border.

Experienced printers may offer to digitally extend or "clone" the outer edges of the image. Then when the piece is stretched, those digitally cloned edges are wrapped around the edge of the stretcher bars without sacrificing the actual image. This can be a very difficult process and should only be done by the most experienced printers. If not done correctly, it could look really unprofessional.

Van Gogh Again Editions provides high-end Giclée printing and scanning services to Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas including:
  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Westminster
  • Colorado Springs
  • Arvada
  • Broomfield
  • Evergreen
  • Fort Collins
  • and more
 VGAE's studio is capable of printing and scanning some of the largest images and has the expertise needed to reproduce any image to be ready for gallery wrapping. Van Gogh Again can also clone the edges of your images.

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