Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1st Step in Fine Art Reproduction - Image Capture & Scanning

Large Format Scan - Sophy Brow - "Risk"
Image capture is the first step in the fine art reproduction process. It may also be the most vital. Image capturing refers to the process by which the artist and/or fine art reproduction printer creates or "captures" a digital image of an original piece of artwork. This step in the process is vital because a poor image capture can only produce a poor print.

The primary ways of capturing a digital file of an original piece of artwork is by using a scanner or digital camera. Scanning is the most recommended form of image capture for Fine Art Reproduction. Digital photography is an acceptable form of image capture but doesn't generate as high a quality of image as scanning does.

Van Gogh Again has the industry's largest flatbed scanners for fine art reproduction with a scanning window of 44" x 90". Van Gogh Again is an industry leader in Large Format Scanning. Artists from Colorado and around the world trust VGAE for all of their scanning needs.

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