Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colorado Pastel Drawings Giclée Printed onto Canvas

Pastel Drawing Reproduced onto Canvas
Artist and interior designer Marjorie Cranston of Jackstraw Gallery captures the essence of the Colorado mountains in her pastel landscape drawings. As an interior designer, Marjorie uses her original artwork in some of her design projects. In some instances, projects call for artwork she has already sold. Fortunately she has her artwork scanned, color corrected, and ready for fine art reproduction by Van Gogh Again. When she needs a Giclée print of her pastel drawings she can order a print with a simple phone call or email.

Van Gogh Again can take a pastel drawing on paper, scan it, color correct it, and print the image back on to canvas or paper. Canvas has a very impressive look and feel. Then when the image has been printed on canvas, Van Gogh Again can stretch the piece to be ready for framing.

View more of Marjorie Cranston's artwork.

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